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BJJ บีเจเจฯ

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  BJJ is a packaging company in Thailand. We are ton bag factory locating in Pathum Thanee. We sale Jumbo bag for packing agricultural products industrial goods and cement, sand, mine, ore, fertilizer, chemical, potato & onion , grain (wheat, maize, rice, peanut, etc.), sugar & salt, agriculture, construction material, powder and etc. Our jumbo bag have a high-quality and ready to use and it has a multiple sizes and multiple prices.

If you interested, Please, contact to K Ying
Mob: +(66)-84-4050-518 , +(66)-84-4625-883 ,
Mob: +(66)-90-9692-792 , +(66)-81-263-7742
LINE ID : bjjjumbobag , bjjbigbag ,
Email :  .
http://www.ถุงบิ๊กแบ็ค.com/ ,

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