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ปุ๋ยอินทรีย์ ตรา พี ภูตะวัน 2006


ตรา พี ภูตะวัน 2006

ตรา พี พี ซัน

กระสอบละ 50 กิโลกรัม 

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ivy fang

 Dear Sir or Madam,

Good day! Do you import FERTILIZER from China?
I have studied your business products from Google.
YHS chemical Co.Ltd is a professional exporter supplying products with high quality, reasonable price and timely service!
Fyi, export peak season of FERTILIZER came in China from this July as the tariff duty was decreased a lot from that time.
So we may offer the most competitive price now accordingly. And I"m sure it"s also competitive in FERTILIZER market among the world.
Fyi, we may supply UREA N46% prilled at USD289/MT FOB Tianjing Port, China with MOQ 300MT.
And we may supply other FERTILIZERS as belows,

NPK 17-17-17

NPK 18-18-18

NPK 19-19-19

NPK 20-20-20

NPK 25-25-5

Ammonium sulfate

CAN (Calcium Ammonium Nitrate)





If you have interest in any of them, always welcome to reach me for inquiry.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon!











Best regards,

Ivy Fang(Ms.)


Export Supervisor 

WuHan YiHangShun Chemical Co.,Ltd.


ADD.: No.32 MeiYuan Road, WuChang District, WuHan, China


E-mail:   Mobile: 008615527075636  

TEL: 86-027-87302966   FAX: 86-027-87303966

MSN ID:   SKYPE ID: ivyfresh

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